Those who leadeth into captivity must be taken into captivity, those who killeth with the sword must be killed with the sword. Here is the perseverance and the faith of the saints. Revelation 13:10.

Because of declining tax revenues (see https://www.AnarchyForever.com, deductions and exemptions where almost nobody has to pay taxes, and tax audit insurance for legal tax delinquency), many prisoners, including serial murderers, are being released from prison, especially here in California. The system, much like what you learn from “Sudden Impact” (1983) and other Dirty Harry movies, is about creating dependencies, as victims have no rights, and criminals have all the rights, worse yet, they arrest and prosecute you just for being a victim. Everything the system does is an evil double-standard, where most people in jail or prison are there for victim-less or non-violent crimes, mostly drug possession, with better health care than Bill Gates. Child rapists usually get two years, probation, the most lenient of sentences, and have the highest recidivism rate. If a violent crime occurs, you have a 90% of getting away with it according to most credible law enforcement sources. The evil double-standard occurs because most cops, prosecutors, and judges are lazy cowards, they over-enforce the little things, and under-enforce the big things, as they are elected based on numbers of arrests, convictions, and prefer the plea bargains and much shorter trials of victim-less crimes, causing the U.S. to consistently have one of the highest crime rates in the world.

While conspiracy to kidnap, such as cops and prosecutors guilty of false arrest, malicious prosecution, and more heinous acts of corruption, and conspiracy to murder murderers and child molesters is illegal, the law has always blown in the wind and is only meant to protect the rich, famous, and powerful, which could lead to a repeat of the French Revolution of the 1790’s. But these laws are no longer enforceable, and Jim Wood is happy to be your fall guy as a trial against him only leads to free publicity, extrication because of diminishing tax revenue, and contempt for traditional law enforcement by the people who will retaliate, like a proactive anti-Beer Hall Putsch.

Some of the most loathsome of child and adult predators like Richard Allen Davis, David Westerfield, Scott Peterson, and others laugh at the victim’s family members, and laugh because of a system that makes them rock stars. When they are released, we’re going to kill them, arrest, prosecute, and convict us for saying that.

Here at HitmanForever.com, we allow you to upload profiles of known murderers and child rapists based on the preponderance of evidence, as the people are always right, and the system is guilty of too many travesties of justice. Using Google images and other sources, and other information that can be verified with the Freedom of Information Act, USSearch.com, and other sources, we will collect donations from multiple instant-activation low-risk payment processors, we keep 15%, and 85% of the bounty goes to the hit man or team that can verify death of culprit with photographs, video, and the eye-witness testimony of at least one other person who will upload their testimony with contact information and IP address to better identify geographic location. Prosecutors always confiscate cameras and bias the public for sympathy for what are usually minorities and family members, to win votes from the highest percentage of people sympathetic to criminals based on demographics. You can also embed HTML/Javascript code here for video surveillance cameras here, where gun turrets can easily be mounted on on drones and land based covert cameras, with the username and IP address verification for the source of kill and possible eye witnesses to verify body and criminal record and it will lead to compensation. Payment processors who cancel us will still have to fund our treasury, and either way we will sue them for breach of the terms of service in arbitration (private court), create a worldwide customer service and maintenance nightmare for them trying to stop people who do similar campaigns against them, combined with us going to their competition, and cause them to lose substantial revenue. The clients of payment processors won’t mind as the division of labor will change worldwide to conform to new markets and privatization. Vigilante services have always been more common than commonly perceived, as a Minuteman, I know Navy seals who can’t find work because of the down-sizing of the military, so they have a full time job killing people. The threat of vigilante retaliation, combined with the starving out of existence of the more indiscreet element, as the threat of lawlessness forces you to be more responsible, and better people, with a better economy, privatization, and better technology, inheriting the perfect world, will leave behind a socialist inverted universe where human filth that was wrongfully brought into the world and socialized with no social-redeeming values, will be eradicated. Eventually, we will have facial recognition software to help better identify the perpetrators.

Common gun crimes like those who rob liquor stores, or the less common but increasing in number mass shootings, can be thwarted with armed hidden cameras, and the inevitability of an open carry law, causing the bad guys to think twice about even attempting to commit a crime. We will have a revolving “Lottery Bounty” for anyone on the website who shoots and/or reports a potentially lethal criminal, leading to the death of a suspect or arrest (there will be private law enforcement) and 85% will be awarded to the hero, and then the Lottery Bounty, all consisting of donors’ money, will amass again until the next intervention.

The Information Decency Act of 1996 states that as webmasters, we are not responsible for posts such as profiles of most wanted fugitives, as we are only a second-level information provider, and the state of California cannot regulate electronic commerce according to its Constitution. All hit men will be rewarded with 85% of bounty with a direct bank account or payment processor transfer and we will keep you anonymous.

Poetic justice after de-funding the inverted universe!

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