Anarchy Talk

De-fund the beast! Survive Armageddon and live forever in paradise on earth! The anti-media is here, escape the hate-mungers of the alternative media and the vultures of the main-stream media. Anger and bad news are the most unhealthy of addictions, and peace and love the healthiest. I am the opium of the masses, and critical thinking got me there, and it can happen for all of you! Anarchy talk, beautiful music, no annoying commercials, seize the day!

Talk to Jim live on Skype. Skype address: anarchy.forever1.

Poetic justice after de-funding the inverted universe!

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Daily attempt to challenge system with vigilante justice!

  • Collapsing tax base means hitmen now needed!
  • Find out about man hunt for wanted fugitives!
  • World camera surveillance of bad guys going down!

Be informed at least weekly of attempts to privatize justice!