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Upload profile of most wanted based on those in the U.S. and elsewhere who are wanted for murder, kidnapping,  and/or child molestation and/or rape. Use FBI’s Most Wanted to confirm the status of those desired by authorities.

No known fugitives are wanted dead, only alive, so please use best possible discretion when trying to help apprehend fugitives. We will examine each of your profiles and make a decision whether to offer on directory and search engine, and what appropriate actions are needed to detain or other strategy, with a separate donation pool where detainee will win 85% of bounty.

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We will review each profile for authenticity, and you will receive an auto-response if approved. Profiles will be listed in a directory on a first-come-first-serve, and can be looked up in search engine. Donations will then be accepted for bounty, with unique id number assigned to each perpetrator, and hit men will be rewarded with evidence of punishment, with photos/video/testimony uploaded to a new directory, hit men kept anonymous, and collections account will be closed.

Poetic justice after de-funding the inverted universe!

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Daily attempt to challenge system with vigilante justice!

  • Collapsing tax base means hitmen now needed!
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  • World camera surveillance of bad guys going down!

Be informed at least weekly of attempts to privatize justice!