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Embed html/javascript code into our database to provide video surveillance of any area of interest in the world, and we will provide a search engine and directory sensitive to the needs of yourself and others for reporting weather and natural disaster events, the where-abouts of those wanted by the world community for detention or future execution  of world-public-court-confirmed-culprits, based on the inevitability of anarchy, and cheaper, non-counter-productive law enforcement of the present to past.  Current-to-become-extinct law enforcement is designed to create dependencies, create victims to turn tax payers into slaves, so the beast can feed itself and prey on more victims violated in more heinous fashion, and play into your rage and demand for law and order, which only leads to a sado-masochistic circus and the authorities running around like chickens with their heads cut off, some claiming they will better pre-screen enemy insurgent immigrant or tourist applicants for hatred of America based on growing social media impossible to track. Local law enforcement wants you to believe punishing little things to discourage or force departure of those who commit big crimes is effective, but only makes crime worse as violent and heinous sexual crimes have very low arrest rates, higher repeat-offense rates with less prison time, all a scam by stupid, evil, lazy cops, prosecutors, and judges trying to win elections because of  naive swing voters who decide all elections based on arrest and conviction rates of what are unknowingly mostly victim-less crimes, until the inevitability of implosion of the system. Similar code can be provided for controlling gun turrets, audio sensors for significant motion, and eventual artificial intelligence to better identify person, object, event, etc . Rotating library in your computer and/or uploaded to cloud can protect you from police, prosecutors, government officials, etc., who confiscate cameras prematurely to prejudice public, family members of alleged victims, or potentially doctor video as a possibility with the confiscating of cameras from outside the Pentagon and hotel across the street on 9-11,, to present case for war based on alleged bogus argument not to empower the “enemy” of the public officials presumed to be a foreign element prematurely hated by national citizens. But this requires further investigation by all us doubting Thomas’s to challenge authorities who know like P.T. Barnum said, “There is a sucker born every minute”, or like Adolf Hitler said, “Thank God the people don’t think”, trying to exploit you into a state of self-destruction or worse, until we turn them all into confessing Sams and Samanthas, and we can all have peace with universal and eternal cooperation.  All I want is the truth, just give me some truth.

The following link is a good source for camera equipment and how to upload to the website – CCTV Embedded Camera Equipment and Code.

The following is an example of IP camera Web page embedded code, and many of you will become familiar with other camera systems on the Internet that can be installed in any locale or remote location, and with one username you can upload multiple camera IP addresses:

<SCRIPT language=JavaScript>
if ((navigator.appName == “Microsoft Internet Explorer”)&&(navigator.platform != “MacPPC”))
document.write(“<OBJECT ID=\”VAtCtrl\” WIDTH=362 HEIGHT=310 name=\”VAtCtrl\””);
document.write(” CLASSID=CLSID:210D0CBC-8B17-48D1-B294-1A338DD2EB3A”);
document.write(” CODEBASE=\”,0,0,48\”>”);
document.write(“<PARAM NAME=\”Url\” VALUE=\”\”>”);
document.write(“<PARAM NAME=\”VSize\” VALUE=\”SIF\”>”);
document.write(“<PARAM NAME=\”Language\” VALUE=\”en\”>”);
document.write(“<PARAM NAME=\”Deblocking\” VALUE=\”true\”>”);
document.write(“<PARAM NAME=\”DisplayTimeFormat\” VALUE=\”1\”>”);
document.write(“<PARAM NAME=\”DigitalZoomEnableChk\” VALUE=\”true\”>”);
document.write(“<PARAM NAME=\”DigitalZoomEdit\” VALUE=\”true\”>”);

You can change the IP address of the code above to that of your camera or use a sub-domain, with similar code. Register your account with us here and we will have a mechanism for you to add an indefinite number of cameras.

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